Berean has a more informal version of Sunday School.  We're a little more interactive than a Sunday School lecture, but not as interactive as as a Small Group format.  

Theres a good mix of topic-presentation from the leader along with group discussion.

Please join us starting January 7th at 9:00 am in any of the great groups below


Song of Solomon Group

Song of Solomon

This group is led by pastor Jace and will use the study of The Song of Solomon for a Biblical look at love, sex, and human relationships. Class is open to both married and single adults. 


Sermon on the Mount

Chasing the Wind

Join Pastor Jeff on an in depth study of the book of Ecclesiastes. 

Science and the Bible

Science and the Bible

Josh Brackbill and Roy Schell take a look at Science and the Bible. Do these subjects contradict each other? Join these teachers as they approach some hard questions with Biblical principles and sometimes fun experiments.


Greatest Stories Ever Told

The Greatest Storyteller

This group is led by Alan Kummerer and Mike Holmes. Join them for a study on parables.