Berean has a more informal version of Sunday School.  We're a little more interactive than a Sunday School lecture, but not as interactive as as a Small Group format.  

Theres a good mix of topic-presentation from the leader along with group discussion.

Please join us starting January 8th at 9:00 am in any of the great groups below


End Times Group

End Times

This group is led by pastor Jace and will provide a foundation for you to understand Biblical prophecy.  There will be many opportunities to ask questions and to discuss issues brought up in class.  Want to know what the future holds? This class is for you. 


Sermon on the Mount

The Sermon on the Mount 

This group is led by Alan Kummerer.  The Sermon on the Mount is most famous sermon ever preached was given by Jesus on top of a mountain giving rise to its name.  This sermon ranges over many different topics and challenges us to rise to new heights in our understanding of God.


New Testament Survey

New Testament Survey

This group is led by Scott Reifsneider.  The aim of this study is to provide you with a bird's eye view of what the New Testament is all about.  Each of the books will be covered at a high-level, covering a brief historical background, the theme of the book, and key points that the book focuses on.  You will read the entire New Testament along with the class on the schedule provided in the class.  Group discussion will center on themes and address questions raised during your reading.

This is a continuation of the Old Testament Survey group.


The Misunderstood Spirit

The Misunderstood Spirit 

This group is led by Pastor Jeff.  In an age where many are looking for spiritual experiences to help them feel that God is real, many have turned to practices attributed to the Holy Spirit but are actually not aligned to the teachings of the scriptures. In this group, we will ask the questions what do the scriptures say about God’s Spirit, and what are his ministries?


For Ladies Only - Biblical Mentorship  

This group is led by Mary Ann Clemens. Ladies only. The scriptures tell us that Biblical mentorship is important in our Christian lives.  This class will examine biblical people who existed in mentoring roles and how those roles impacted their lives.