Our Mission 


What Our Church Seeks to Be


A Worshiping Church

To know God is to desire to worship and serve Him. We seek by prayer, sacred music, testimony and God's Word to experience true worship of God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, through the gracious presence of the Holy Spirit.

A Bible-Centered Church

We believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God. It reveals God to man, makes known His plan of redemption, unfolds the purpose for which man was created, and teaches him how he ought to live here on earth and to prepare for eternity.

A Missionary Church

We are concerned for others and seek to share our faith throughout the world by financial and prayer support of foreign missions. It is also our hope and prayer that from this church young people will be led into service for our Lord and Savior.

A Family Church

The family is God's first institution and the foundation of society. We endeavor to offer a well-rounded children, youth, and adult program as a means of strengthening the family.

A Serving Church

Because of what Jesus Christ has done for us, we desire to share Him with others who may not yet have met Him or may have almost forgotten about Him.